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About Us

The team at GAS has a vast knowledge of the gases industry and our expertise in gas analysis testing and instrumentation facilitates our wide variety of customers on a daily basis.

Gas Analysis Services (GAS), formerly known as Technology Services, is based in Stirling, Scotland. The company was established in 1987 by Frank Whelan to provide analytical support to all sectors of the UK industry. GAS initially provided on-site analysis of specialty gases but extended capability with a purpose-built gas analysis laboratory. This enabled GAS to analyse samples from complex processes for trace and assay determination.

GAS now offers testing of all gases for both process troubleshooting and validation requirements. Testing of gases normally includes purity analysis and analysis of specific impurity limits to EP, USP, ISO, BS as required. All impurities, such as moisture, oxygen, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, viable and non-viable particulate can be tested for at the customer’s site or in our Bray laboratory. We can also carry out both viable and non-viable particulate count testing on all compressed gases or room air.

In addition to testing, GAS also supplies a full range of fixed and portable analysis equipment to suit all applications, from oxygen analysis in nitrogen blanketing, combustion control by O2 & CO determination, MAPS (Modified atmospheric packaging systems) analysis, gas purity for Bulk Gas manufacturing, Emissions monitoring, Trace (ppb, ppt) analysis of semi-conductor shield gas and much more.


GAS are the sole distributor in Scotland for Servomex, the global experts in gas analysis and the leading provider of reliable, accurate and stable gas measurement solutions to industries worldwide. By combining innovative sensing technologies with extensive applications knowledge, Servomex products deliver high-performance gas analysis that brings measurable performance advantages and a low cost-of-ownership to class leaders in combustion analysis, process gas purity/impurity analysis, process monitoring and air separation analysis. In recent years Servomex also acquired Delta-F Analytical who specialise in the ppb (parts per billion) analysis of oxygen and moisture in process gases generally used in the semi-conductor industry.

We also supply, service & calibrate a wide range of equipment from other manufacturers, based on the needs of our clients., including products from Siemens, Mocon, ABB, Rosemount, Michell, SHAW, Orthodyne, Honeywell Gas Detection, Agilent, Pfeiffer, Teledyne, Draeger, etc.

With our wide-ranging knowledge of process gases, analytical equipment and process applications, GAS can also offer validation and training solutions customised to your needs.

We operate our systems to ISO17025, the standard for calibrating and testing laboratories. We are not accredited to this standard, but offer an open door policy to all prospective customers to visit and/or audit our systems.

Please contact us for any further information, or for a quote for any work you require.

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