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Gas Analysis Services UK – GAS. Specialists in Gas Testing, Instrumentation, Validation and Design.

GAS is a leading provider of technical services to all sectors of industry in the United Kingdom and Europe including pharmaceutical, medical device, semi-conductor, engineering, construction, brewing and waste management.

For over 20 years we’ve been guiding our clients towards the best technical decisions for their business. GAS can offer expert consulting services at any stage of a project: development, construction or implementation of services on site...

Some of our customers
Oxygen O2Nitrogen N2Argon ArHelium HeHydrogen H2Air Moisture H2OTotal Hydrocarbons THCNon Methane Hydrocarbons NMHCsCarbon Dioxide CO2Carbon Monoxide COAcetylene C2 H2Ethane C2H6Ethylene C2H4Methane Ch4Ammonia Nh3Hydrogen Sulphide H2SKrypton KrXenon XeNeon NeNitric Oxide NONitrous Oxide N20Nitrogen Dioxide NO2Sulphur Dioxide S02Pentane C5 H12Diborane B2H6Ethylene Oxide C2H4O